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The Kraken Family

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With.”

Charles Shulz

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If you are coming on an adventure with the Kraken Motorcycle Company you are immediately a member of our "Kraken Family". All, and we mean "all", are welcome!! From the booking of a tour and the nervousness in the run up to departure day, to the days and months post adventure, you are welcomed and treated as family. 

At Kraken Motorcycle Company we believe that riding motorbikes and experiencing adventures with others is a massively positive experience. We do all we can to harness this positivity with our "family members".

As our family grows the hope is that there will be new friendships formed, a team feel to all of our trips, tours, ride outs and meet ups, and most importantly an open door policy to all. 

This page is dedicated to our Kraken Family. Please see pictures, videos and testimonials from our family members both past and present. Check this page regularly for updates, details of meet ups and most recent news also.

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As the family grows, so will this page..

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