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Getting ready

So... you have decided to join the "Kraken Family" on one of our tours. Without doubt, you are going to have a great time and a memorable adventure. For maximum enjoyment of the tour, you must now turn your attention to getting ready for the trip.

Below is some information to help you.

Image by Kat Sazonova

Insurance & Breakdown


Please ensure you have the correct cover before joining us on a motorcycle tour.  This is the basic requirements to join us on an adventure. Please check well in advance to your departure.. not on the day!


More details are included in our packs once you sign up to a tour with us. 


Motorcycle Insurance

All riders must have valid insurance for themselves and their pillion valid in the countries that we ride through. 


Breakdown Cover

All riders must have breakdown cover for their motorcycle, again valid in all countries we travel through.  This must cover repatriation of both them and their motorcycle in case of accident or breakdown. We also recommend your cover should include a replacement vehicle if yours is unrepairable, enabling you to continue your tour.

Travel / Medical Insurance

You must also take out travel insurance and strongly recommended that it covers the following as minimum;


  • cancellation of your holiday

  • medical treatment in the countries you will be visiting

  • riding a motorcycle. Please check the small print of your policy as not all providers cover this. 

  • We use travel insurance through Holiday Safe and their bike specific policy.

Prepare Your Bike


We advise having your bike checked and serviced if required by your local garage prior to our trips. This gives you and your bike the best start and will hopefully ensure you do not require any breakdown assistance whilst with us.

A small tool kit may be useful to pack with basic essentials if you are mechanically minded, however you will have breakdown cover as a requirement to join our tours. It may prove handy for any niggly roadside issues should they arise.


If you're new to long days riding here are a few things to consider and check prior to joining us.

  • Riding comfort / seating

  • Toolkit

  • Bike Service

  • Lights and indicators 

  • Battery age / condition 

  • Brakes, check and renew

  • Tyres, check and renew 

  • Numberplate, correct size and UK badge. 

  • Chain / driveshaft, check and bring suitable lubricant.

What To Pack


We are guessing you’ve made it this far so do you really need telling what to pack?! All we say is ‘less is more’..


Lay it out and consider, do you actually need it? 


Below are a few musts.. 


  • Power pack for your phone

  • Memory cards for your cameras

  • Chargers and cables and EU adaptor plugs

  • Medication you regularly take

  • Mini/Travel first Aid Kit

  • Paperwork – Insurance, V5, Passport, Licence, NHIC card 

  • Hi-Viz vest

  • Money / credit or debit card

  • Covid-19, Disposable or washable face masks Hand Sanitiser

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