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Group adventure tours

A group adventure is the foundation of the Kraken Motorcycle Company. It is about the whole experience of bringing together the spectacular riding routes, the best stop offs and points of interest, all enjoyed as part of a group “the Kraken Family”.


UK and Europe 


95% Tarmac

What You’ll Experience..

  • It is designed so people can flexibly ride on their own, or within a group if they prefer, and crucially, at their own pace to enjoy and savour every part of the adventure.

  • This flexibility during the day then feeds into a great atmosphere off the bikes when we relax and chat through the day's events.

  • Having a group of people all enjoying their day and comparing notes is the foundation of what Kraken Motorcycle Company is about.

  • Get out there, chat with people, discuss the best bits, all over a decent meal and a drink or two.

  • We look forward to welcoming you into our Kraken Family.

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