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Frequently asked questions

We get asked quite a few questions at Kraken HQ. Below are some answers to the most common ones. 

What happens if I breakdown?

We insist all riders have breakdown cover for their motorcycles. We will be on hand to assist as required and no doubt others in the group will help out knowing the riding community. No one will be left stranded until further arrangements have been made.

What documents do I need?

All riders will need their passport, driving licence, bike documents, personal and travel insurance documentation, breakdown cover documents, EHIC card.. and any documents required for Channel crossings / border crossings.

Which meals are included?

This is tour dependant so please check the details for the tour itself.

What do I do if I have special dietary requirements?

Please make us aware at time of booking and we will make sure it's catered for as much as possible.

What type of hotels do we stay in?

We visit all the hotels on our tours personally to make sure they come up to standard, Where possible we also try and pick hotels that have other amenities close by such as bars, restaurants etc..

Is there secure parking at all hotels on tours?

Most of our hotels have private parking, but we would always suggest customers bring extra security such as a heavy duty lock just in case.

Can I split the payments of my tour over a few months?

Please contact us for details.

Are there any rest days on tour?

This is tour dependant so please check the tour details

Can I ride on my own rather than with the group?

Yes, you will receive the full route for each day including suggested stops. Ride at your own pace stopping wherever you like on the route. There will be a guide running behind should you need them along the way.

Do you have many solo riders on your tours?

Yes we do, we get a mix of couples, singles and groups of friends. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people who love biking.

Is the guide always available?

Yes, your guide will be contactable by phone at all times during the day.

Do you have an evening dress code?

Smart casual attire shirts and shorts/trousers is just fine. No vest tops in the evening.

Do you have many ladies on the tours?

Yes a range of all ages and sexes as riders and pillions.

What's the minimum age to come on tour?

While there is no upper age limit on our tours, all riders and pillion passengers must be 18 or over to take part.

What sort of bike do I need to come on tour?

We would recommend a bike able to cover 125miles between fill ups and comfortable cruising at speed limits with enough power for the twisty, steep routes. As for bike type, we welcome everything from sports bikes to tourers and everything in between. You just need to make sure its up to the job as you’ll be the rider.

How many people are on the tours?

The maximum number of bikes on tour is 12 bikes keeping the tours smaller and therefore more personal

Have a Question?

Please feel free to ask.. just use the contact details on our page.

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