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Travelling around Europe the Kraken team have passed and visited many sites of past conflicts. All the locations share many similarities.. well maintained in beautiful surroundings with stunning roads to arrive on, however there's also the bigger story, which are thought provoking, humbling and sometimes unknown by many. 

Belgiums Battlefields..

The Kraken team along with our in house battlefield expert John have decided to offer guided tours taking in some of the historic sites in Belgium. In particular the Wallonia region, the southern French-speaking part of Belgium, which has everything.

Its stunning scenery is crossed by some superb roads and, seemingly around every corner, is another battlefield, museum, fort, or memorial. 


From the Duke of Marlborough’s triumph at Ramillies in 1706, to the trio of 1815 battles (Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo) that led to Napoleon’s downfall and on to the First and Second World Wars, the region has seen much fighting.

John is a battlefield tour guide and see's the region’s history as the ‘Cockpit of Europe’ meaning there’s a lot to explore! From eighteenth and nineteenth century battles like Ramillies and Waterloo through to Second World War campaigns – the May 1940 German invasion and the 1944 Battle of the Bulge. Some real turning points in history. As well as battlefields, there are forts, museums, cemeteries, castles, and memorials to visit. The region’s accessible, too. Mons is around two hours from Calais while Bastogne is less than four hours away. Wallonia is, sadly, often overlooked by tourists heading elsewhere, but the region has a great deal to offer visitors.

If you are interested in seeing and learning more with our guide John, the Kraken team has two tours taking you and your Motorcycle through the wartime history of the region. 

See below and click for more details.. 


May 1940.. 

Travelling through Belgium visiting areas that include; the largest tank battle, 1940 museum, CWGC sites and more...

Battle of the Bulge..

Three German armies launched a massive surprise attack against American forces in the heavily wooded Ardennes region..

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